Eggless Chocolate Sponge Cake / Basic Chocolate Cake / Easy Chocolate Cake

1 Month Vegan Challenge

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Baking time: 35 minutes
Serves: 6-8

☆ Pan size = 6 inches diameter × 2 inches height
☆ 1 cup = 240 ml
☆ 1 tablespoon = 15 ml
☆ 1 teaspoon = 5 ml

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Ingredients to make basic chocolate cake:

1 cup whole wheat flour
3 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
¼ tsp salt
½ cup brown sugar
¾ cup/180 ml whole milk
½ cup curd/yogurt
¼ cup oil
½ tsp Ossoro chocolate truffle essence or any vanilla or chocolate essence

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Parchment Paper

1 Month Vegan Challenge

Step by step pictorial instructions to make eggless chocolate sponge cake:

Grease the cake pan lightly wih oil or butter and dust with flour or add parchment paper on the cake tin base. Preheat oven at 180° C for 10 minutes


■ For the yogurt, to make this cake vegan you can use non-dairy yogurt or 1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice.

■ For the milk, you use non-dairy milk like almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk or simply use water.

■ To make this cake gluten-free I recommend using a gluten-free flour or mix of gluten-free flours.

■ For the flour, you may substitute whole wheat flour with the same amount of all purpose flour or 50-50 % of both. You can also use pastry flour.

■ For the oil, I’ve used sunflower oil. You can use any flavorless or neutral tasting oil instead of sunflower oil.

■ You may substitute the oil with 100 gms butter.

■ You may substitute the brown sugar with refined sugar or any other healthier sweeteners like cane sugar, jaggery, coconut sugar etc.

■ You can use ½ teaspoon eno instead of baking soda.

■ You can also add a mixture of any dry fruits and nuts of your choice.

■ Use good quality cocoa powder. I’ve used Ossoro brand cocoa powder. They’re easily available at Amazon. I’ve shares the link above, if you wish to purchase, buy it from the link shared, we may earn a small amount if commission if you buy from the link.

■ All ingredients should be at room temperature.

■ Sieve the flour or dry ingredients, this helps in getting a nice texture to the cake.

■ Each oven reacts differently so baking time may differ since the temperature varries from oven to oven.

■ Do not open the oven atleast before 25 minutes of baking and frequently opening oven to check the cake while baking is in process is not advisable.

1 Month Vegan Challenge

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